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Wealth that works for you

We believe you deserve the best tools to get control of your financial future and define your narrative.

  • Alternative investments
  • Estate planning
  • Tax optimisation
  • Bespoke wealth plan
  • Private events
  • Custom indexing
  • Net worth tracking
  • Financial advice
  • Credit

How it works

I want to:

Tell us what's most important to you

You're not generic, and your portfolio shouldn't be either. We need to get to know you, to design your ideal portfolio and strategy.

Your strategy:

We turn the data into portfolio and strategy decisions

We'll always make sure you get a diversified portfolio, with its risk level aligned to your goals.

Your extras:

You can adjust these if you like

We make decisions with care, but you can have your say if you know exactly what you want, and can even adjust your portfolio down to the individual stock.

Invest towards your future and goals

Now you have your personalised portfolio & strategy, it's time to start growing your wealth!

I want to:

Proposed strategy:

Your extras:


Traditional Firm


Portfolio designed just for you

A portfolio based on who you are & what's important to you

Sophisticated portfolio optimisations

Our algorithms help you save on tax reach your goals faster

Custom indexing public markets

Established indices (e.g. S&P500) , but customised to you

Any stocks you want

Add or remove any single stock, from anywhere in the world

All-inclusive fees

All-inclusive annual fees as % of your investments

Cross-asset investing

Stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, FX and more

Digital first

Easy processes and experience at your fingertips

Tax guidance and advice

Make sure you're doing the right things to optimise your taxes

Exclusive events in London

Private members' events for networking and celebrating!

Net worth tracking

Holistic view of your assets, including your home and investments
Coming soon

Estate planning

Plan to pass on your wealth to future generations
Coming soon

Private market alternative investments

Private equity, venture capital, art, collectibles, etc.
Coming soon

We keep your money safe

We protect your account with the highest security standards:

  • State-of-the-art security measures
  • Two-factor authentication and data encryption
  • Bankruptcy and deposit protection (FSCS)

Our team

Tomek McClintock
Co-founder & CEO

Tomek was a consultant at Bain & Co in London, where he worked with global banks and payments providers.
He holds an MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge and a BEng from Imperial College London.

Hubert Ancelot
Co-founder & CTO

Hubert was a hedge fund partner, where he built strategies running a quantitative cross-asset portfolio. He ran the team responsible for developing algorithms and infrastructure.
He holds a degree in Finance from Bocconi University.

Nigel Whittaker
Portfolio & Risk Specialist

Nigel has 30+ years of experience working at top hedge funds, including Tudor and Ashmore. He also founded and led as CEO & CIO a developing markets fund, with GPs and LPs Tudor, Vinci Capital Partners, and the family office of Paul Tudor Jones.

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